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SWISSDENT’s secret recipe is a special combination of high-tech and natural enzymes.

Bromelain and papain, derived from pineapple and papaya respectively, remove plaque naturally from the tooth surface, acting in a similar manner to an ‹enzymatic peeling›.

Responsible for the actual whitening process (i.e., the oxidation of the accumulated colour pigments) are calcium peroxide (CaO2) and Oxygard®. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, CaO2 is micronized (reduced in size) so as to ensure that it is able to effectively target those areas which will benefit from its use. Micronization makes it possible to use significantly smaller amounts of whitening agents (0.1 % calcium peroxide) than in traditional toothpastes. SWISSDENT’s unique, patented formula provides a gentle means of brightening and cleaning teeth effectively.

Doctor of Dental Science Vaclav Velkoborsky Swiss graduate dentist, University of Zurich


  • - AACD American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • - IADR International Association for Dental Research
  • - SDS Society for Dental Science